Learn 1000 words in a foreign language (The Telegraph)

Title & Link: Learn 1000 words in a foreign language

Date Published :  02/10/2013

Publication: The Telegraph

3 thoughts on “Learn 1000 words in a foreign language (The Telegraph)

  1. I’m all in favour of all language learning, but a choice has to be made. Which language(s) should we be learning? Learn Spanish and you’re at a loss In Germany, learn French and you’re illiterate in Russia, learn Chinese and you can’t ask for an ice cream in Portugal. So which language should we be learning? I would respectfully suggest that we take another look at Esperanto, a relatively new language which is easy to learn and use.

  2. Thank you for writing, Hilary.
    True, there is no one language that can make us understood worldwide. The only language that we could consider to be a global lingua franca is, indeed, English.
    I like the philosophy behind Esperanto, but until it becomes more widely recognized, I would suggest that potential language learners need to focus on the cultures that interest them, the regions that appeal to them travel-wise, and the most significant nations in their line of work. If we really want bang for our buck, I’d suggest studying a language with an extensive family. Learning one Romance language makes the others more accessible. The same is true for Germanic or Slavic languages.
    Also, don’t assume that the rest of the world is monolingual. Speaking French allowed me to communicate in my travels in Vietnam. I’ve heard people getting by in Turkey using German, and Cuba using Russian.

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